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“10 things all _______ should stop/start doing right now!”

I imagine we have all seen articles that definitively state a number of things we should start or stop doing right this minute, or things we MUST try before we die or places you MUST see before you’re __ years old. I hate this trend […]

burlesque beauties

I’m not real big on holidays. The one exception is Halloween. It’s just about the best thing ever. A holiday where you get to dress up as anything you want. You go out and watch drunk slutty chicks channel their inner Naughty (Insert any noun […]

Welcome to Oakland…

You know how in really shitty Lifetime movies some girl moves to L.A. or New York City with aspirations of becoming someone famous or some shit like that? She says goodbye to her family and strikes out on her own, gets a crappy apartment, looks […]

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ― Andy Warhol

In May I was going to post a long article about my trip across the United States.  This was suppose to be the once in a life time trip with my girlfriend, that we talk about for the next 70 years. I never could have […]

Gods LOL list..

  I am back on the blogger train again. I took a hiatus when I was under the false impression that I was an excellent candidate for police academy. Reality straightened me right out. Turns out that a college degree and a little work experience does not cut it. […]