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Roaming in Wyoming

I was in Wyoming for work last week. Before I get started with my review of this experience, I feel that I need to air out my misconceptions concerning this state. This will give you a better understanding of my response to the experience. What […]


I remember getting embarrassed about EVERYTHING as an adolescent. I couldn’t even walk past the bra section in a store with out turning 10 kinds of red. (Fortunately I was flat as a sheet of paper until college.) I was obsessed with what people thought […]

“Show respect to all people, but grovel to none.” ~ Tecumseh

The term Psychopath is overused as a descriptor of people we dislike. Allow me to outline a few of the tendencies of a true psychopath are (according to  This site). I have added some hypothetical examples of what it might look like in your work […]

These are a few of my least favorite things.

For lack of anything better to write. Shit I dislike. The ultimate first world problem list. When someone talks during the essential dialogue of a movie or TV show. (looking at you Grizzly bear!!) When my coffee gets cold before I’ve had a chance finish 1/2 […]

The Grizzly has spoken.

  Today the Bear is offering a guest blog! Hear him Rawr. ~GrizzlyKitten     Today while catching up on the news I came across an article entitled “Elisabeth Hasselbeck Really Asked This About Feminism.” Knowing her usual penchant for spouting amusingly ignorant comments I […]