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“Show respect to all people, but grovel to none.” ~ Tecumseh

The term Psychopath is overused as a descriptor of people we dislike. Allow me to outline a few of the tendencies of a true psychopath are (according to  This site). I have added some hypothetical examples of what it might look like in your work place.

a few traits of a Psychopath:

1. Glib superficial charm. Someone who only charms those who they hope to get something from. Provides fake smiles and compliments to attempt a level of warmth that is blatantly insincere. 

2. Grandiose self perceptions. Convinced they are the most important person and nothing will function without them. Telling others that the coworkers who are below them are not as important in the company because they could do it all on their own. Only supporting those who are willing to grovel at their feet and pet their substantial egos. 

3. Constant need for stimulation. Always sticking their nose into other areas even if it has nothing to do with them. Even if there are other head managers who are responsible for that area. Assigning tasks that are not even in someones job description or area because they don’t even know that.

4. Pathological lying. Will outright lie to others about things going on around them, to the point they forget the truth.  Talking in circles so they can flip flop their statement at will to avoid ever appearing incorrect even if everyone sees right thought it. 

5. Cunning use of manipulation. Attempting to set people against each other by telling lies or half truths. Attempting to bait people to turn them against their managers and act as informants because no one talks to them. 

6. Lack of guilt or remorse. Screwing over someone below them unnecessarily in the name of “Business needs and consistency”  without batting an eyelash. 

7. Shallow emotional response. Questioning someone who is actively responding to an injury because they don’t actually know what is suppose to be done, so they assume it’s wrong even when it’s textbook perfect. Even questioning if that head injury REALLY needs to go to the ER. 

8. Lack of empathy. The inability to realize people with kids, who have worked here for years, shouldn’t be forced out of the job because they no longer like that persons availability. Not promoting someone who has a decade of experience in the department because it’s easier to manipulate them if you tell them that even after ten years they aren’t ready yet.

9. Unrealistic goals. Expecting a team of 3 agents and 2 managers to complete the same job with 100% success in a department that has enough hours for 5 agents 2 managers. And being upset when there isn’t coverage. 

10. Can’t take responsibility for their actions. Not being able to admit when they don’t know what they are talking about and blaming it on someone else. Trying to blame others for their low coworker opinion scores even though it names them specifically. 

Can you imagine working for someone like that? It would really suck. It might make you consider leaving a a company; even after a cross country move and 4 years of hard work and dedication.  Working for someone that horrible could cause you to change your life goals because you aren’t willing to sacrifice your dignity on the alter of their ego.

But don’t worry. It might just force you to look for new opportunities that you never knew existed. You might just step out of your comfort zone and into a position that will support your growth and advancement. So I guess psychopaths aren’t all that bad if you know how to handle the situation.

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