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“10 things all _______ should stop/start doing right now!”

I imagine we have all seen articles that definitively state a number of things we should start or stop doing right this minute, or things we MUST try before we die or places you MUST see before you’re __ years old.

I hate this trend in articles. I have gotten to the point where I will purposely avoid reading them because I dislike the way they formatted their title. I don’t know if I am the only one that feels this way or if it’s just a weird mental quirk of mine but it just irritates me. I feel that these articles should have a sub title that adds “in our opinion” at the end of it.

I understand that there are whole websites that are dedicated to lists of crap they feel you need to conform yourself to. I even read some of them, like http://www.buzzfeed.com and http://www.cracked.com . I just get annoyed when some ass-hat writes an article telling me how to live my life. As though their advice and vast existential wisdom will somehow change my life by telling me to “let go of negative thoughts”. Thanks, I don’t know how I have managed to live my life without that little gem of guidance. I can now move forward and with my mundane existence feeling enlightened by these blessed bits of knowledge. 

The worst to me are articles telling you what you should NEVER say to women/men/children/sentient vegetables or whatever. Most of the time these articles make an assumption about the context or are so freaking obvious that it doesn’t merit being added. If you need to be told by some random dude with publishing ability online, that telling your significant other that they are fat slob and you find them sexually underwhelming, then article isn’t going to suddenly make you a less terrible person. Its too late you are irreversibly a catastrophic fuck-up.

Soo good luck with that.


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