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Day 1

A few months ago the Bear and I decided to plan an elaborate RV trip up the coast of Northern California and into Oregon. We had visions of seeing Crater Lake and Thor’s Well with a stop over to Portland before heading home. Fortunately reality provided us with a healthy knock up the head. Crater Lake is wisely closed this time of year, with all the snow and what not. I’m 100% sure that I do not want to drive an RV through anything worse than a light drizzle. The other reality of life that came into play is that we have been insanely busy never got around to really making any plans beyond asking for the time off from work and renting the RV. This is probably a good thing; it means that we don’t actually have to be anywhere or do anything unless it sounds good at that moment. Most vacations that involve a lot of time frames and reservations can be stressful. There are all of these expectations to do things so you are constantly rushing to the next activity. We focus on trying to squeeze as much fun as possible from every excursion that we tend not to appreciate the experience and ambiance in the moment. (this is a really nice way of saying we are slackers and are ok with it). I started packing a few days in advance to make sure we had anything we might need (and to prevent me from stressing out, losing my mind and dissolving into tears the night before our trip).

We were fortunate to have found a site (https://www.campanda.com/)  that rents out all the left over RV’s from Cruise America and other places for really cheap. I  think we are paying $30ish a night plus milage. The whole rental will end up costing us less than what it costs to board our two idiot dogs for 5 nights.

We picked up our 25 ft RV this afternoon, she has been dubbed Eagle 5 in honor of the Spaceballs Winnebago. I’m pretty sure that makes me Lone Star and the S is now Barf. I’m ok with this. He is less enthused. My original plan was to drive all the way up to Redwood National Forrest in one day. Sooo that didn’t happen. We didn’t leave until 4pm. The Bear (Barf) made reservations last night for us to stay at a KOA an hour outside of Fort Bragg. This is why he is the copilot, he thinks ahead. We managed to get all of our crap put away into the various cubby holes and weirdly sized storage spaces. We made the beds (yes plural, there is no way in hell our two huge asses are going to fit into that bed comfortably) and finally we grabbed the dogs, threw them in the RV and hit the road. I have never been more grateful that my father taught me how to drive on an E class van. This thing is a beast to drive.

I learned something interesting about humanity while driving this monstrosity. There are some people who see an RV that is covered in Cruise America stickers and think “fuck that slow person, I’m going to cut them off because I am an asshole.”

The other type, the smarter breed.. see an RV covered in Cruise america sticker and think “Holy fucking shit, they gave some idiot the keys to that enormous vehicle…. and they have absolutely no fucking clue what they are doing..” These are wise people. They give you a wide berth, they don’t crowd you. They know that there isn’t a drivers test to rent this thing. They know the rental company only requires you to sign the insurance and then hands you the keys.

The dogs are 100% convinced we are going to die in the magical moving box of death. If you don’t know this already, our dogs hate each other. We breakup fights at couple times a month. They aren’t affectionate with each other, they don’t really play together and they certainly do not snuggle. that is.. until today. We set up one of the dog beds in between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat. The bed was perfectly sized for mango to curl up on the floor. It turns out it was also perfectly sized for Coco to back her ass right into him forcing him to spoon her. Amazingly the evil little beast let her do it. That is how we knew they were a bit stressed by the experience. They have since calmed down and realized that everything is not horrible forever. They are extremely excited about all the new things to smell and pee on.

We eventually made it to the KAO at about 8pm, we found our spot and parked. Fun fact if you ever decide to rent an RV, get a freaking pull thru stop if you can. Backing this bitch into a spot at night is not enjoyable. Fortunately the spots are REALLY wide and I’m kind of amazing at driving this thing (by amazing I mean we are still alive and nothing was hit). S got everything hooked up using lots of cords and stuff.  I made dinner in the smallest kitchen on the planet (Yay pesto tortellini in vodka sauce!). We also figured out how to block out all the widows with the nifty privacy blinds, this is a nice feature because no one needs to see what I look like when I wake up in the morning.

Tomorrow we are thinking of heading over to the glass beaches near Fort Bragg and then up to Redwood National Forrest.

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